Solar Grid Tie Systems

Solar grid tie systems are the most popular form of large scale residential and commercial solar electric system in the world. Millions of home and business owners around the world use solar grid tie systems to cut their electric costs and save thousands of dollars every year…with the savings compounding and increasing each year as the costs of electricity from the energy grid continue to rise at exponential, and seemingly unfair, rates.

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With rising electric costs in past years…and dramatically worse into the future, your investment in the leading solar electric solutions will pay off faster, and more dramatically than ever before…and the time has never been more perfect for your investment. In fact, as the prices of electricity are increasing, the costs of solar electric solutions are decreasing….becoming more affordable than at any time in history.

A solar grid tie system is basically the same as any other solar electric system, but is connected to the electric grid via a 2-way meter. This allows electricity from the grid to be sent to your home and used when it is needed…and excess electricity from your solar grid tie system sent to the utility grid when available. This 2-way meter is how your meter runs backwards.

Solar grid tie systems have several key advantages, including…

Flexible Sizing – Can Offset Any Percentage Of Electric Usage To Meet Budget Requirements
Lower Intial Costs – By Avoiding The Need For Batteries & 100% Energy Supply, Solar grid tie Systems Require Small Up Front Investments
Unlimited Backup – With A Solar grid tie System, The Entire Energy Grid Is Your Backup Battery Supply
Spin Your Meter Backwards – Net Metering Pays You For The Excess Electricity You Send To The Grid
Maximum Incentives – Many PV Incentives Require You To Have A Solar grid tie System To Qualify

Our solar electric solutions are built using the latest, industry-leading solar panels, inverters and other components…guaranteed to deliver maximum performance and energy savings…and, we do all the work for you…choosing the right system, the right components, complete system design and sizing, as well as professional installation and market-leading follow-up support and maintenance as needed.

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